Complete the self-certification process to earn your "Ready2Open" certificate

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge our state and country, Merced County businesses have an opportunity to continue being leaders in the fight to prevent further spread. Our businesses have been going above and beyond in many cases. 

As we continue to operate in a new way, Merced County and its city partners want to help you illustrate your firm commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment for your customers through a self-certification process.

First, please take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with industry-specific guidelines here at Then, complete the self-certification application and attest to the following:

  1. Your business has posted signage specific to COVID-19 restrictions for your customers at the entrance of your business.
  2. Your employees have received safety training.
  3. You regularly monitor the health of your employees to prevent outbreaks.
  4. You enforce social distancing at your establishment.
  5. You sanitize your facility regularly. Upon making this self-certification, you will receive a downloadable page that can be printed and placed at the entry of your business.

After making this self-certification, the business would be able to place a sticker in their window illustrating their firm commitment to these important points.

Having practices like the above in place are critically important but we also want to make it clear that businesses still have the responsibility to act in accordance with all applicable state and federal guidelines.

In other words, its imperative for businesses to know and follow the guidance coming primarily out of our state capitol. Self-certifying to the above five points is not a ticket or substitute for operating as one used to (for the time being). It is however a demonstration of the business’ commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment.

The faster we comply, the faster we will be able to defeat this virus and resume our normal way of life.


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